Wednesday, July 21, 2010


In mid April the plan of climbing Mt Aspiring was dashed by rain. The Aoraki 2nd year mountaineers decided to leave the snowy peak behind and head to Arthur's Pass for some goodness of alpine rock, after all it is late summer and the rock is warm and dry! Brucie, Bia, Alice and I went up the classic grade 2+ Otira Face on Rolly. The climb was long and we did end up doing the famous bivy half way down the Otira Slide around 1am the next day. And as soon as we squeezed behind our bivy rock, the wind picked up and the rain started pissing on us. We probably all had the coldest night in our lifes. The funny part is at the first daylight in the morning we saw a big fat cairn around 50m from where we bivyed and probably we could have walked out easily if we were not blind. Good mission nevertheless!

Otira Face

Bring it on!

Climb, climb, climb, climb, climb...

The last leg to the summit

Summit time!

Abseil into Crow Glacier

Descend into the night

We had to stop descending at 1am, found a rock, sat down, and it rained :(

All photos by Alice Edginton & Bia Boucinhas

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